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Stewardship – A way of Life

“Everything we have is a gift from God.”

Stewardship – A Summary

  • A way of Life
  • Evangelising – sharing our faith
  • An expression of discipleship by having the power to change how we live our daily lives
  • Acknowledging that what we have – each day: our talents, our families our material goods – are gifts from God
  • Gratefully acknowledging all the gifts God has given us and using these gifts to benefit our family, the Church, the community, and the world, while encouraging others to do the same
  • Recognising Jesus, who gave his very life for us, as the ultimate steward and through the holy Eucharist, becoming more like Jesus each day. Can we follow him onto the cross or only to the cross?
  • Following faithfully, sharing generously and lovingly, living responsibly and possessing sensibly
  • A 7-day-a-week Catholic Christian – our actions demonstrating to those around an attitude of hope, faith, charity and welcome
  • Using our talents wisely and for the benefit of others
  • Challenging that which seems unjust in society
  • Using the resources of God’s gift of the earth wisely
  • Being faithful and generous out of gratitude and love more than duty
  • Becoming a community of disciples of Jesus working together and stewarding the life of the parish

Our deepest thanks go to all those who contribute regularly to the Parish Program. For further information on how to make a regular contribution, please continue reading.

Faith Direct

Faith Direct is a secure program that works through our Catholic Development Fund (CDF) directly. It is an innovative solution that allows you to support your parish using debit or credit cards. Download this brochure for more information.

Two initiatives of importance to the parish are the Corpus Christi Bell Tower Appeal and the St. Therese’s Jubilee Window Project.