Baptism proclaims our dignity as human beings – that we are children of God. In it we enter a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and with the community of his disciples, among whom and in whom he is present and active. Today, the members of this community, the Church, share the same faith as the group of apostles who knew and loved Jesus almost two thousand years ago.

Our Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is concerned about the way we initiate (welcome) children into the Church. For three years people from our parishes met to reflect on the sacraments of initiation. As a result of their deliberations, the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist have been restored to their original order and a renewed emphasis has been placed on the role of the parent’s faith and the responsibility of the parish to assist them in helping their children into the practice of faith.

Confirmation and Eucharist (in that order) complete the process begun at Baptism. Three sacraments but one process. Once you have begun the process with baptism, you may present your child for the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist (Holy Communion) at the appropriate time.

Your role as parents in this process is crucial. You play the leading part in forming your child’s life of faith. Really, nothing can take your place. Your child will learn from you the importance of the love of God and neighbour. Your child will learn from you the importance and value of celebrating the Eucharist. Unless you help your child to understand and practice these important elements of our Christian faith, who will? Your family is at the very heart of the Christian Community since you have the opportunity to show your child how to love Jesus and how to be a true member of the Church.In bringing your child for baptism you are saying that this is what you want for your child. You are beginning the process of initiating your child into a relationship with Jesus and into the life of the Church. It is important to ask yourselves how you will do this?

Holy Trinity’s Baptismal Team runs an Information Evening at 7.00pm on the last Thursday of each month to assist you in this challenge. The ‘Evening’ is held in The Pastoral Centre, 58 Victoria St New Lambton. You are urged to attend this gathering. For further information phone Sr. Maureen on 4956 2095.

Holy Trinity also has a Sacramental Initiation Team and a Baptismal Sponsorship Team. They will assist you as you guide your children into the practice of their faith. With our Teachers and Catechists, they will help you prepare your children for the sacraments.

Donation: It is normal upon the reception of baptism (or any sacrament) that a donation is made to the church. We rely on your generosity in what you give.

Baptism application forms  can be obtained from the Parish Office at 70 Platt Street, Waratah during office hours Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 2pm

There are also opportunities to become part of the Parish Stewardship Program and to donate to the various projects currently on offer in our church communities of Lambton, New Lambton and Waratah. The information on these many projects and happenings in our parish are available for download.