Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish, Blackbutt North.

“Conscious of the Lord’s call to ‘love one another’ we are committed to working and praying together to become a community of Christ’s disciples that welcomes and reaches out to all.”

At the beginning of the third millennium, the Catholic parishes of Lambton (est. 1873) and Waratah (est. 1917), in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, were linked together under the Diocesan Pastoral Plan 2000 (New Wine into Fresh Wineskins) as two parishes with one Parish Priest. In 2004, these parishes were further linked with the parish of New Lambton (est. 1954).

On Trinity Sunday 2005, the three became the single Parish of ‘Holy Trinity, Blackbutt North’. The new parish community focuses on its three churches:

  1. St John the Evangelist: 80 Dickson St, Lambton
  2. Corpus Christi: Corner Bridge and Platt Sts, Waratah.
  3. St Therese’s: Corner Victoria and Royal Sts, New Lambton.

Holy Trinity parish along with the Parish of All Saints, Blackbutt South (formerly the parishes of Kotara, Cardiff and Adamstown) are linked together in the Blackbutt Pastoral Region of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

Holy Trinity faces many challenges.  At its first Assembly, the parish established a pastoral vision which invites us to become more fully a community of Christ’s disciples that welcomes and reaches out to all.

The Assembly committed itself to do its best to implement the vision of the diocese as spelt out in the document ‘New wine—New Wineskins’.

Currently the Pastoral Council is developing a range of Ministry Teams to assist in this work.  The following teams have already emerged from this diocesan strategy, in an attempt to draw people together, to establish a better communication structure and to enable all the voluntary ministries in our community to work ever more effectively.

It is the aim of our Pastoral Council to adapt the approach to new situations as they arise, especially from the Neighbourhood Church Communities.

Through our Stewardship Program the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council are also involving people in the various teams. Both councils are aware that the time, talents and treasure of every parishioner is needed, if we are to faithfully fulfill our mission.