Holy Trinity Parish Blackbutt North

Welcomes All

Mass TimesOur Parish

Service Times for Our Parish

Corpus Christi Waratah


Monday, Thursday 7am

Sunday 7.30am and 5.30pm


Corpus Christi Catholic Church is located at the Corner Bridge and Platt Streets, Waratah.

St Therese’s New Lambton


Tuesday 7am

Saturday 8am

Sunday 9.15am


Saturday: 8.30am

St. Therese’s Catholic Church is located at the Corner of Royal and Victoria Streets, New Lambton

St. John’s Lambton


Wednesday 7.00 am

Friday 7.00 am

Saturday 5.00pm


Saturday: 4.15pm

St. John’s Catholic Church is located at 80 Dickson Street, Lambton.


Holy Trinity Blackbutt North parish is located in the city of Newcastle about two hours drive north of Sydney. Basically, it covers the same area as the previous parishes of Lambton, New Lambton and Waratah. New areas added in the establishment of our parish include former sections of Wallsend-Shortland and Kotara-Cardiff.

Its place in the Diocese: The parish is part of the Blackbutt Pastoral Region of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. All Saints (Kotara, Cardiff and Adamstown) comprises the remainder of the region. The diocese has four deanery areas and Holy Trinity belongs to the Newcastle Deanery.

Parishioners: The Parish has around 9,000 Catholics.  These are gathered around three centres: St John’s at Lambton, Corpus Christi at Waratah and St Therese’s at New Lambton.

The Trinity Logo: tells us much about Holy Trinity parish.  It consists of three candles of unequal length (representing the period since the establishment of each community—1873, 1917, 1954.)

The colours of each church signify the original parish (dark blue for Lambton, red for Waratah and light blue for New Lambton). These three candles join together to produce one flame. The resulting flame shines before a host superimposed over a cross on a golden background.

The gold: all our endeavours are to be undertaken in the light of the vision of the Kingdom. 
The cross: saved by the cross of Jesus and claimed for him, we are servants of the Kingdom.
 The host: as the body of Christ we are nourished on the journey by the bread of life given to us by the one who suffered, died and rose again for our sakes.

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